School Policies:


Attendance policy 


Our policy for Scholarship students is consistent with the policy for all students and with State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.09512 which specifies as follows:

6A-1.09512 Equivalent Minimum School Term for Compulsory Attendance Purposes.

Any child of compulsory school attendance age, who is enrolled in a non-public school pursuant to Section 1002.42, F.S., shall be deemed to be in compliance with the compulsory attendance requirements of Section 1003.21(1)(a), F.S., provided the child maintains regular attendance during the entire school term of either:

(1) One hundred eighty (180) actual school days determined as prescribed by Section 1011.60(2), F.S., or

(2) A minimum of one hundred seventy (170) actual school days and the hourly equivalent of one hundred eighty (180) actual school days, determined as prescribed below:

(a) Kindergarten: Five hundred forty (540) net instructional hours.

(b) Grades 1-3: Seven hundred twenty (720) net instructional hours.

(c) Grades 4-12: Nine hundred (900) net instructional hours.


 Our Teachers






All our instructional personnel (teachers) are required to have one of the following:

*Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any subject (copy of diploma or completed transcript) 

*Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience (written proof of contacting the previous employer) 

*Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th grade subjects (provide documentation such as certifications, professional development, curriculum training, etc.). Pre-K experience and certifications would not meet this requirement