The mission of Orlando Jewish Day School is to nurture a generation of children who are well educated, think critically and have the tools and confidence to study independently and pursue their passions, all while maintaining a strong Jewish identity. We aim to nurture caring and respectful students who maintain strong ethical values while learning to work with and respect all people without judgement.

Core Values:

· An Integrated Curriculum allows for Richer Learning Experiences – Our children are exposed to a learning environment rich in English and Hebrew literacy, where Math and Science are taught right alongside Torah and Jewish history. Our curriculum is seamless, as it connects modern American culture with age-old Jewish heritage to create an environment that is as relevant and practical as it is traditional and timeless.

· Educating the Whole Child – At OJDS, learning is a wholesome experience that involves a child’s intellectual capabilities as well as social, emotional, and practical skills. Our teachers maintain strong relationships with every student, allowing them to remain attuned to the children’s individual needs and abilities.

· Learning is Hands-On – At OJDS, our students are never observers. Every lesson allows students to explore and experiment and they develop ideas, understand concepts, and learn to question and think critically.

· Learning is Child-Centered - At OJDS, we ensure that every child can pursue his or her interests and learn in the way that suits them best. Teachers prepare lessons that are inspired by individual student interests, while incorporating elements of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning that ensures every child is fully engaged in the learning process.

· School is our Second Home – At OJDS we have created a warm and safe environment, where relationships are authentic, and children are treated with love and respect by the entire school community.

· We are One Family – OJDS students and staff come from all types of Jewish backgrounds, some traditional and many not formally affiliated with a Jewish community. In our school, we do not assign labels to families. Our children are taught from an early age to respect one another regardless of background, as we celebrate the beautiful heritage, history and language that unite us as one family.